Hidden Amongst The Hate: How Russian Trolls Fit In By Being As Weird As We Are.

Tempers flair on Twitter, often with the aid of paid Russian "Troll" accounts. I searched through 200,000 deleted tweets to find the weird ways they tried to blend in.


The Charleston Shooting- Not A Racial Event. That Didn’t Stop Racists.

During today's active shooter event in Charleston, SC I took to twitter to find one thing, and got way too much of something entirely different. My sister lives in the area, she often frequents King Street. I needed to know if she was safe. A text unreturned for 5 minutes was enough to put my... Continue Reading →

Poutine Pipe Dreams

I remember I was about 11 or 12 when I first learned of poutine. I was in Montreal with my parents, my father going on and on about his exploits in the city he made home forĀ four years of undergrad. No sooner did we exit our hotel did I feel my shirt tug as my... Continue Reading →

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